An American Wagyu Steak House…and MORE!

Striving to bring you the best, Vernales has dedicated itself to find a way to bring you the best in beef. This new menu will put our steak and chop offerings “on the map,” making us one of the select few Steak Houses in American to offer ALL American Wagyu Beef—at an affordable cost!

What is American Wagyu? Other than Kobe beef, it is some of the finest beef available. Wagyu beef is commonly referred to as Kobe-style beef. For many years the Japanese have selectively been breeding herds and closely monitoring them for purity and traceability. They developed this breed with an emphasis on quality. By doing this, they have been able to produce low-cholesterol beef with unbelievable marbling recognized by chefs around the world as the finest beef available.

Vernales has not taken its eye off of the promise that, we have something for everyone. Chef Keith is still working hard to bring you new options on not only the casual end of our menu with burgers, tacos, wings, and pizza—but also with fish, seafood, and Italian offerings! Versatility and Quality are our focus. You can’t go wrong joining us any day of the week with our diverse atmospheres offered: Sports Bar—Chop House—Wine Cellar—Outdoor Patio. Then when you tie in our extensive and generous menu, quality products, and upbeat service staff it practically makes your decision for you when choosing where to go. Everyone always says after their first visit, three very important words, “we’ll be back!”


We do take reservations, but they are not required. Remember, do not be deceived by our parking lot: we have over 55 tables, seat over 250 guests, and have 45 bar stools awaiting you and your guests. So find a parking spot and come on in!

AMERICAN WAGYU FACT: Some of the amazing Wagyu cattle were brought here to America in the 1970s. Those bulls were then bred with many of our finest beef cattle, enhancing the American Wagyu program slowly over many years. The breed that we seek out most is the Wagyu bull, bred with Black Angus cows. Black Angus cows are some of the best mothers and are known for being very nurturing. This important piece along with the nearly two year feeding process that is free of all hormones and antibiotics, is what provides us with the great American Wagyu product that we will be offering to you at Vernales!